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Q: Is eating slushys all the time bad for you?
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Is it bad for you to eat slushys all the time?

Yes. They're low in actual nutrients, and the syrup is pretty much just some form of sugar.

Is eating just kool-aid with sugar and NO water bad?

i do it all the time and i'm fine. So I guess my answer would be no:)

What are some tips to stop emotional eating?

Find another way to take away the sorrow. Try cleaning or exercising to get rid of bad news. Eating is good at times but not all the time. I strongly suggest cleaning since it isn't a bad habit.

Is it bad to sleep after eating?

I think, to sleep after eating is not too bad an idea. but, still one should maintain a time gap (atleast about an hour) between eating and sleeping... if anyone has a beter suggestion, plz inform me...

What Indiana Jones movie features a monkey dying from eating bad dates?

yes it's bad school time for short round indys time

Is eating fried food all the time that bad for you?

Even For People Who Have High Metabolism Rate Think They Can Eat Whatever They Want Doesn't Mean All That Eating Can Catch Up. Trust me I've Seen It Happen. For me I Think Its Great To Have It Here And There Instead Of All The Time. Eating Healthy Here And There And Having Fast Foods Ocassionally Seems Like A Great Plan To Stay Healthy.

Is eating a lot of clemintines everyday bad for you because I have six a day?

Eating six clementines per day is not bad for you, at all. It is a reasonable intake of this small citrus fruit.

What is bad about eating slowly?

Nothing is bad about eating slowly.In fact, it is better than eating

Is it bad to stand up and eat?

Not at all. It's also possible to eat standing on your head. I might add that it could contribute to either eating faster (bad for digestion) or eating more than what is required (bad for the waistline)

Eating carrot in the mornin is good or bad?

Eating carrots at any time is okay as long as you are eating a well balanced diet, carrots can fit into that at any point through out the day.

Is it bad your farts smell really bad all the time?

no it is not bad

How do you know if your anerexic?

you are anorexic if you have a psychological need to starve yourself and exercise all the time. anorexia is an eating disorder that stems from low self-esteem and a bad body image.