Is eating rice good for health?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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eating rice provides energy and it is made of starch which gets converted into suger once when we take excess amout of rice may cause Diabetes and high level sugar.

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Q: Is eating rice good for health?
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If have daily only curd rice does it will effect to the health?

It will not be good for your health. Eating just one food, no matter what food it is, will harm your health.

Does cooking rice in pan is good for health?

steamed rice is good for health

What is the benefit of eating rice?

The health benefit of eating rice is that it provides, carbohydrates and starch which are very important nutrients in our bodies.

Is boric acid powder safe for storage of rice and using of rice good for health?

A little boric acid powder is safe for storing rice and keeping it fresh. Rice, especially whole grain rice, is very good for health.

Can eating too much rice cause health problem?

if you eat to much rice.. chances are, you'll turn into rice yourself! :)

What does rice means in health?

Rice is must contain for our food because rice gives the carbohytrde & some fat to us. And the rice is very light food and good for our health.

Is brown rice good for health?

i think is the best

Pressure cooker rice is good or bad for health?

Pressure cooker rice is not good for stomach which is having more starch.

What men gained after eating samba rice?

A bigger waist line and whole lot of health problems

Is Eating Gold Good For your Health?

NO it isn't -.-

What are two examples of good health?

Two example of good health is (1) exercise and eating health (2) Good hygiene are two example of good health.

Why is healthy eating and active living work together to improve a persons general health?

Healthy eating is good for your health