Is dying hair bad or good for health?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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It may not be very harmful to hair, but it certainly doesn't help it.

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Q: Is dying hair bad or good for health?
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What are the good and bad about dying your hair red?

The good things about this is that you will have bright eye catching hair. The bad things are that its not really a natural colour. Also, depending on the hair type and colour you already have, this could be bad for your hair.

Why is it bad for animal to have fur colour?

its like dying your hair just for animals and dying your hair can add up to loosing hair and its bad for your healthy hair and the same for a dog

Is dying your hair blond very bad for hair?


How can you get good hair?

Well, keep your overall health good. You can use a good shampoo & conditioner, and rinse in cold water. Don't iron your hair, heat is bad for it.

Is dying bad for your health?

No. It's very good, just ask your doctor. 9.5/10 recommend

Is dying your dog hair a bad idea?

Yes it is a very bad idea! The chemicals in hair dye can be toxic to dogs.

What is the worst thing for your health?

um, dying is pretty bad

Is perming hair bad for your health?

Breathing the strong chemicals used in perm solutions certainly isn't good for your lungs.

Why is rabbit hair bad for you health?

It would only be bad if you are allergic to it and/or ingest it.

Is it bad for ketchup to be in you hair?

it is good for it to be in your hair

Are highlights good for your hair?

no, they are really bad the bleech is really bad for your hair!

Is lays good for health?

Its good or bad,i dont know,..Packing foods are always bad for health.