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Q: Is drinking whiskey bad if you have heart problems?
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Is drinking whiskey bad if you suffer with high blood pressure?

not in moderation

Is whiskey bad for young people?

Whiskey is bad for all ages.

Why is binge drinking bad for you?

Because binge drinking involves consuming an excessive amount if alcohol that can lead to health and safety problems.

What was Troy Polamalu's father like?

HE was a bad dude. He was dirty. Had drinking problems and much more.

Is it possible to develope health problems if your in a bad relationship?

Yes, it is. You may begin drinking or smoking, or doing drugs if you get really bad.

Does VO whiskey ever go bad?

no whiskey is distilled so it will never go bad so drink up .

What is good and bad for the heart?

Bad food junkfood, smoking tobacco, drinking Godd Food eating healthy no tobacco products exercize etc

Is alchohol bad?

If you mean drinking it, yes. It can lead to liver damage, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Would drinking less alcohol than you normally do increase heart rate?

because thats bad for u

Is it bad to add water to whiskey?


Is too much salt bad for you?

yes it can cause high bloodpressure and heart problems

Why is eating junk food a bad idea?

it can cause obesity, diabetes, and heart problems .