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Q: Is drinking 8 oz cola a day healthy?
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Are there any effects on drinking coka-cola mixed with Mentos and Give a reason for your answer?

If you mix mints with cola it will explode upwards however if you swallow mints and drink cola nothing will happen Dr Oz explained this a few days ago.

How many 8 oz do you need a day?

You need 8 oz of water a day to stay healthy.

Im drinking 33.8 fl oz of water how many glasses of water does that equal a day?

4.225 oz

What is the percentage of miscarriage because of drinking coca cola?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, intake of large amounts of caffeine (200mg or more a day, which is about 70 oz), present in large amounts of Coca Cola, have been shown in at least one study to double the risk of miscarriage. However, in another study, consumption of minimal amounts of coffee, higher than Coca Cola in caffeine, had no significant effect on miscarriage.

How much water should a pregnant woman drink each day?

You should drink a gallon of water a day because the fetus recycles the water in your uterus and you need to keep your baby healthy. Drinking lots of water also helps with the recovery process.

What was 3V cola?

3V Cola was a low cost cola available in thr 50's and 60's. It was the first cola offered in a 10 oz. bottle. In the 60's a 6pack of 16 oz. bottles could be purchased for 25 cents.

What is a can of coke?

It's a 12 oz. can of coca-cola.

How much sugar is 8 ounces of Coca Cola?

There are 100 calories in 8-oz. of Coca-Cola.

How many calories are in a ten oz glass of cola?


How many calories are in coke?

140 according to the nutritiondata website but it depends on the size of the can.

How much weight will I lose if I drink 92 oz of water a day?

Drinking excessive water is no guarantee of weight loss.

How much acid is in coca cola?

There is 3 oz. of citric acid in 10 gallons of coke