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well, if dust is made of mostly dead skin cells and dirt, then it is only as harmful to you as has been for the past of your life. if you have some sort of problem with dust then maybe. but i dought that.

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Q: Is dead skin bad for you And is it harmful for you to breathe in?
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How is friction bad?

it can be harmful when rubbed against skin

What is the skin called that peels off after a bad sunburn?

It is called blype.

Is nail polish bad for your nails?

no but its bad for your skin. it used to be bad for you until a few years ago manufacturers removed potentially harmful chemicals from the product. It's not only bad for you're skin, but it is harmful to the enamel on the surface of your nails. When you remove your nailpolish it may remove some of the enamel off your nails.and only if u put it on your skin it will be badAnswerYeah you can say because there is chemical in it.

Harmful solidliquid and gases?

Solids, I say lead is pretty harmful. So is Uranium (whether it's liquid or solid). Liquids, I pretty sure Mercury is one of the worst, if you touch it, it disolves into your skin. (Which is bad) Gasoline is also pretty bad along with oil. Gases, I say Methane (A big cause in global warming), and Helium if you breathe too much, and Radium (Radiation), as well as flammable hydrogen.

Will eating your dead skin harm you?

yes its bad if you want a social life... :p

How to remove dead skin?

this depends on where the dead skin is, and how bad it is. dry skin is dead skin, etc. Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of mild dead skin, there are body scrubs... salt scrubs are harsher and remove more than sugar scrubs. there are also exfoliating tools, for instance pumice stone (typically used on feet) or battery operated brushes for face and body.

Is black smoke bad to breathe in?

Generally speaking, no smoke is good to breathe in. However, oddly enough, black smoke can be less harmful than light-colored smoke, since it usually has larger particles that do not penetrate as far into the lungs.

If you have white skin that's dead skin on your foreskin on the penis is that bad?

This could be any number of skin conditions and diseases. You should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What are Dougie Poynter's bad habits?

I only know one which is eating other people's dead skin xx

Is coloring your hair with sharpie bad for your hair?

The permanent marker contains harmful chemicals and just as your skin absorbs ink, your hair might as well.

Is chlorine harmful or helpful?

yes it harmful it bad for u

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Your whole body filled with tattoos. Tattoos are bad, they don't let your skin breathe. So you will die quicker the more tattoos you have.