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No, Dave is not married.Actually he is. A woman named laura. they've been married for a couple years now.

*Yah, you're right, he's married - he got married just before he joined Hedley. He and I broke up and he started dating Laura...they're really cute together.

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Q: Is david rosin from hedley married?
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What is Dave Rosin full name from Hedley?

David Cameron Rosin.

Who is the guitarist of Hedley?

Hedley's guitarist is Dave Rosin.

What year was Dave Rosin from Hedley born?


What year was Dave rosin of hedley born?


When was Dave Rosin of Hedley born?

July, 28th 1980

How old is Hedley's Dave Rosin?

29 as of July 2010

How old is Dave Rosin from Hedley?

Dave Rosin is 36 years old. He was born on July 28, 1980.

How did david rosin from hedley get started in music?

There was never really a setting for Dave's love and taste in music. When he was a baby he had a guitar made from cardboard and it was his favourite "toy"

How many kids does Dave rosin have?

Dave Rosin from Hedley does NOT have any kids. Tommy MacDonald is the only band member with a child.

When was David Rosin born?

David Rosin was born in 1823.

When did David Rosin die?

David Rosin died in 1894.

Where was Dave Rosin of Hedley born?

He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 28, 1980.