Is cutting yourself bad

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Yes. It is addictive and harmful. You are defiling your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You're body is not your own so therefore honour God with your body. Cutting yourself is a way of which realising emotional distress. Please seek a biblical counselor to discuss this with. It may be hard to do at first. But trust me, you will feel better in the end. Even if you are not of Christian faith. Biblical counseling will be beneficial for you. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ. Than I challenge you to start searching and really study and do your homework to see if you can disprove God. If you can than please enlighten me to this. And if you are a Christian than you should understand my previous statement. It is amazing how so many people try to disprove God but it is not possible with any historical evidence.

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Q: Is cutting yourself bad
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Why does everyone think cutting yourself is so bad?

... Cause it is bad?!?!

Does cutting yourself make you a bad person I'm not suicidal?

no. not at all people are just scared of cutting because they dont understand it

Why is cutting yourself so bad?

God is good and all but it is YOUR body. Do what you want with it. From personal experience, cutting yourself is very addictive and once you start, it's your first answer to getting rid of emotional pain. If it gets too bad, you may want to see a counsler

Songs about cutting yourself or about cutting yourself because of your boyfriend?

Cut By Plumb

Can cutting yourself make you dizzy?

no cutting yourself wont make you dizzy but it can cause internal bleeding

Is cutting yourself not good?


Is cutting yourself apart of pms?

No it's not, but for some the excess hormones cause bad mood swings that may cause one to cut themselves.

Is cutting bad?


Is cutting yourself okay?

No, cutting yourself indicates a problem that needs to be resolved. You should seek help to resolve whatever those problems are.

Do you cut material with a scalpel on a right angle towards you or away from you?

You should always cut away from yourself, no matter what you are using, to avoid safety hazards. By cutting towards yourself, you risk the blade slipping into you, which is bad. If you cut away from yourself and the blade slips, nothing bad should happen if all other safety regulations are observed.

Is cutting yourself illegal?

absolutely yes

How do you get rid of a bad habit such as cutting yourself?

Take your feelings out on something (not someone) else. For example, kickboxing, ballet, music; anything that you can distract yourself with. I warn you: the addiction never goes away. It'll always be there, like an itch. The most you can do is distract yourself.