Is cunilingus good

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Is cunilingus good
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What is the best way for you to perform cunilingus?

hum the abc's

What is it like for girls to receive cunilingus?

it feels like a guy getting a blowjob.

Do you know what hair pie means I DO?

hair pie is the slang expression for cunilingus

What is eating a girl out called?

Cunilingus is the correct term, it means oral stimulation of the female genitalia.

What does go down on her mean?

going down on her means licking and sucking the lady's labia. the act known as cunilingus. does that answer your question?

Do woman loves cunilingus?

Most women do, remember it depends on the person not the skin color.

What does eat you out mean?

If someone were to say to you "I'll eat you out", what they mean by this is the act of cunilingus. I'm not sure on what you are and aren't allowed to write on here, but you can find a more detailed description here: It is when a guy eats a girls pussy. He can lick it or nibble on it. Doesn't matter he can do both or a girl can do it for th other girl.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander?

If its good for you, its good for me. What is good for one is good for another

What is good for children?

there are a lot of things that are good for children from good food to good excercise from good parents to good attention. good education to good living good environment to good friends. there are always good for children and that they can be benifited from it is also good.

are you good ?

Yes I am but my Brother keeps bothering me and my kidney hurts. when I am good, I am very very good, but when I am bad I am horrid

What letters can you add to the word GOOD to form a new word?

(Good) bye (Good) ness (Good) s (Good) y (Good) night (Good) ly (Good) will good-for-nothing good-natured good-looking good-hearted good-humored goody-goody

Correct useage of are not and is not?

Use "are not" when the subject is "you" or any plural. You are not good. We are not good. They are not good. Dogs are not good. John and Mary are not good. Use "is not" when the subject is singular, but is not "you" or "I." He is not good. She is not good. It is not good. John is not good. Mary is not good. Use "am not" when the subject is "I." I am not good.