Is crying good for you

Updated: 9/11/2023
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yes but if you do it to often you will be red in the face and ugly! like savanna revette

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Q: Is crying good for you
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How can you stop your friends from crying?

just be there for them and listen. crying is good

What where the wright brother not good at?


What does it mean when you are intimate with a person u love very much and u feel like crying but it didn't hurt it felt good very good?

== == If you truly love him then it will be ok crying is very normal just dont let it change your relationship! Crying is a 'release mechanism' for stress just as dreaming is. You feel good because by crying you have released a lot of your tension.

Why does crying make you feel better you just lose water?

Crying is good because you are letting out all of the tension inside

Who was the crying confederate soldier in the good bad and ugly?

who was the crying confederate prisoner when tucco was getting a beaten in the prison camp

Is crying healthy for someone?

It can be. Crying is a natural emotional release. Sometimes, a "good cry" is exactly what the doctor ordered (ask any woman, if you're a guy). That does not mean, of course, that it is always a good thing - constant crying is a red flag for a serious emotional disorder.

Is baby cradle on a baby bad or good?

It is good, in most cases it stop the baby from crying and screaming.

Is crying good for health?

health-wise i do not think so but it usually makes you feel much better. i recently lost my dog and crying helps a lot

Is crying a verb?

Yes, the word 'crying' is the present participle of the verb 'to cry' (cries, crying, cried). The present participle of a verb is also a verbal noun called a gerund, and an adjective.

Why is it good to hear a newborn cry loudly?

Crying clears fluid from the babies lungs

What would happen if you ignore a colicky baby while it is crying?

Probably nothing good

What good happened when porcupine attacked brian?

Nothing good happend he tried to pull one of the pricks out and started crying.