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i don't really no. if you move your hands and actually put force on it to crack it its bad but if you just stretch it and it cracks that's fine. but i would talk to a doctor or chiropracter

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Q: Is cracking your back bad for you?
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Cracking your knucklesgood or bad?

Cracking you knuckles isn't bad as long as you push on them lightly.

Back cracking during menstruation?

Some women experience cramping in their back while they are menstruating and look for ways to relieve this tension, including cracking their back. Although there is not medical consensus that says that cracking your back is necessarily bad for you, most medical professionals recommend finding other more effective ways to relieve tension.

Is it bad if your back cracks way too much?

If you keep cracking your back then it could be bad. But it wouldn't tell on you at a young age but when you get older it will.If it just crack with out anyone doing it to you or you doing it to your self no it's not bad

Is cracking your back good?


Is cracking your bone or knuckels a bad thing?


Is cracking a Christmas cracker on Christmas eve bad luck?

I wouldn't think so. I haven't had any bad luck from cracking them earlier than precisely Christmas day.

Does cracking your back give you problems?

yes well if u do it more it will not kdkjdskjsdfk,sjkdjdfjhfdjhdfjhdfjdfjhdfjhdsjhdsjhdf by 2 grader johnnny yes, because it enables your brain stem to do its job and makes your spine bad. If you are young, cracking your back may seem harmless, but when you get older and enter adulthood, you will most likely have seroius back aches and other issues.jonny not funny and you make no sence.

How can you tell if you have a bad radiator cap?

Usually the rubber will be hard and cracking

What really happens when you crack your knuckles?

Cracking your knuckles releases a gas that naturally forms in your joints. Cracking them isn't bad for you unless it causes pain.

What would you do if someone asked you to give him a back massage by walking(cracking the back)?

Tread carefully!

Can cracking your neck give sinus trouble?

how do you give you friends who are not your friend bad attitude

What happens when you crack your knuckles and it's really bad?

There is no indication that cracking your knuckles is harmful.