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GMOed cornflower? (which is all you may easily buy)

The jury seems to be coming in now, with a resounding "NO!"

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Q: Is cornflour good for your health?
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Can you use plain flour instead of cornflour?

Not in all recipes; for most baking recipes substituting plain flour for cornflour will not work, since cornflour has no gluten (which is what makes dough springy) and it requires far more hydration. Adding some cornflour to the flour in baking will result in lighter baked goods, but only until the total flour is 5% cornflour; after that the baked good gets progressively more dense and inedible. Cornflour is useful for thickening custards, which plain flour is not so good at. But you cannot bake normally with cornflour. Both cornflour and wheat flour have a similar calorie content, wheatflour is lower in the glycemic load (GL) index compared to cornflour, and whereas cornflour is considered "highly inflammitory" (i.e likely to cause a reaction), wheatflour is only considered "inflammitory."

Can cornflour be used as a substitute for wheat flour in cakes?

No, cornflour would not be a good substitute for wheat flour in cakes. The cornflour would produce a very different taste and texture than the whet flour, and the resulting cake probably would not look or taste as it should.

What can you use to replace cornflour?

use "I can't believe its not cornflour"

Is cornmeal a cornflour?

Cornmeal comes from grinding corn and cornflour comes from grinding corn kernels

Whats stickier flour and water or cornflour and water?

cornflour and water

Can you use icing sugar for the lemon curd?

A little cornflour will do the trick.

Which is better for diabetics arrowroot or cornflour?

diabetic people can use cornflour and custurd powder?

Is cornflour dairy?


What is the function of cornflour in a lemon filling?

Much like how flour is used in gravy, cornflour is a thickener. If the cornflour is omitted from the recipe, the pie filling will come out with a somewhat soupy texture.

What is a substitute for cornflour in an African milk tart?

There is no good substitute for cornflour - any substitution will significantly alter the texture of the tart filling. Cornflour is used to set the filling smoothly - you could add a couple of egg yolks to the filling as a replacement. But the result will be different. Plain flour will not give a pleasant result as a substitute - the filling will taste floury.

Is there wheat in cornflour?


What can you use as a substitute for wheaten cornflour in a cake recipe.?

I personally would use normal cornflour instead because wheaten cornflour is really hard to find but you may wish to use something else.