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Unfortunately not, I believe. I think you could have a tidy house - everything in its place etc, but it may not be clean - it could still be dusty and dirty. You could try to be clean and NOT tidy - but then that would be hard. It's difficult to clean everywhere without tidying up and putting everything where it belongs. So, cleaning is different to tidying, but they are very much connected. You could try and do one without the other, but will probably find that one will lead to the other one! Have fun AND tidying!!

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Q: Is cleaning the same as tidying?
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What is house chores?

jobs in the house in our houses the chores are cleaning the house,making the bed,tidying our rooms and sometimes cooking

How do you say cleaning in Japanese?

"Clean" is "kirei" (pronounced: kee-ray).

What is the past continuous of tidy?

The past continuous of "tidy" is "was tidying" or "were tidying," depending on the subject of the sentence. For example, "I was tidying the living room when the phone rang."

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A custodian helps clean ups or takes care of something or someone. Most of them are in schools.

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"Cleanup" can function as a noun or a verb. As a noun, it refers to the act of cleaning or tidying. As a verb, it means to clean up or tidy a particular area.

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What is the verb of tidy?

Tidy is already a verb.Other verbs are tidies, tidying and tidied, depending on the tense.For example:"I will tidy my room later"."She tidies her living room"."I am tidying up the stock room"."The car has been tidied up".

What kind of excuse do you use to get out of tidying your room?

I try to prioritize my tasks and allocate time specifically for tidying my room. If I really need to push it back, I communicate openly with my housemates or family members and negotiate a schedule that works for everyone. Ultimately, keeping our shared spaces clean and organized is important for everyone's well-being.

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