Is cinema good or bad

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Is cinema good or bad
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Effect of cinema on children?

the cinema has relies an good and bad effect on children.

Debate on are watching movies are good or bad?

i thing watching cinema is a good because it relax our mind

Is cinema is now good or bad?

Cinema's are good for entertainment and enjoyment. It is good because you get to watch movies in peace with other people who are watching the same movie aswell. But the bad things about the cinema is that some people cause mischief like being noisy in the room, littering and running. This will cause a lot of anger to the public watching the movie haveing to put up with this bad behaviour.

What are the release dates for The Cinema Snob - 2007 Bad Movie Cinema Snob McBain?

The Cinema Snob - 2007 Bad Movie Cinema Snob McBain was released on: USA: 18 May 2010

Why is cinema not good for children?

cinema is good for children as now a days in cinemas many educational prograam

Effect of cinema on Youth.Is it good or bad-explain?

I personally think its good because it keep youths of the street and out of trouble. Youths manly cause trouble due to being bored.....

Is cinema popcorn good for you?


IS cinema social evil or good?

cenema is a good tool to influence human behaviour and code of conduct, good/bad is in every thin g in nature. we human must use common sense and try to learn best out of it. duality exists, every where. digest good eliminate bad.

Essay about effect of cinema on youth?

A good essay topic about the effect of cinema on the youth would be to address violence in cinema. Another topic could be about mature themes and cinema ratings.

Why cinema is bad for student?

Because the students won't concentrate on their work.

What are the release dates for Chiller Cinema - 1999 The King of Bad Movies 3-1?

Chiller Cinema - 1999 The King of Bad Movies 3-1 was released on: USA: 4 January 2001

As regards the effect of cinema on youth is it good or bad and how would that be explained?

Violent films are a real problem for youth today. They become desensitized to brutality and believe it to be normal behavior.