Is chamoy bad for you

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Is chamoy bad for you
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Is chamoy bad or good for you?

chamoy is unhealthy for someone and to much of it wont be good also when you eat it with other foods besides fruit or chips it can even more unhealthy

How do you make paletas de chamoy?

Get the tounge stick then get a then cup fill with chamoy and put the stick in the cup and put it in freezer

Does Castillos Amor Chamoy need refrigeration?


How do you make mangoniadas?

mango in a blender freeze then put chamoy

What are the release dates for Amor descarado - 2003 Nora reconoce a Chamoy 1-29?

Amor descarado - 2003 Nora reconoce a Chamoy 1-29 was released on: USA: 16 October 2003

What are the release dates for Amor descarado - 2003 Chamoy llega con Pelluco 1-39?

Amor descarado - 2003 Chamoy llega con Pelluco 1-39 was released on: USA: 30 October 2003

How do you make a Chamoyada drink?

I have seen them make these drinks at our local shaved ice stand. They start with the shaved ice then add some strawberry syrup and add the chamoy over that. (They sell this chamoy in a big bottle it has a more fluid consistancy than the ones they sell as candy.) To top it all off they add some chili power salty such as Lucas on top.

Can a dog eat tostilocos?

While the cucumber and jicama and chamoy aren't harmful, you don't want to feed your dog tostitos, or pork skin, or chile'

Can you get sick from eating hot cheeto' s and chamoy?

to be honest you can if eat them like everyday cause thts what happend to me i ate them for 3 day and i got a stomache ache and had dereiah but thtat me maby if you eat them al day yu probably could thts wat happend to my friend she would eat hot cheetos with chamoy all day every day and she got gastritis so yea you wont get she if you eat them

What can you eat with hot cheetos besides lemon and chamoy?

You can eat ur hot cheetos with valentina salsa or cream cheese or in a bagel or with a sandwitch wich i think its nasty or u can also eat ur hot cheetos with nacho cheese

What is raspa?

Raspa is a Mexican frozen dessert made from shaved ice, flavored syrup, and sometimes with additions like condensed milk, fresh fruit, or chamoy sauce. It is similar to a snow cone or shaved ice but may have unique flavor combinations and toppings.

What is the situation in inertia of rest?

hey bad bad bad bad bad