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Q: Is cat hair dangerous to humans if it enters your body?
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Why do humans have little body hair when compared to other animals?

Why do humans have little body hair compared to other animals

Do buttocks have hair?

Body hair in various places is normal for humans past puberty.

What are apes' body covered with?

Ape have the same body covering as we do: skin with hair and sweat glands. They just have more hair than humans do.

Are hair sprays and body sprays dangerous for health?

if they are i'm in trouble..

Can you say hair is a virus?

hair is not a virus bro... Virus is non living substance which can be crystallized... if virus enters body, it used mechanism our body cells to regenerate and divide,...

Is hamster fur or hair dangerous to swallow to humans or dangerous to humans?

Yes, i wouldn't recommend it because our hair is made out of protein. Which is also found in cells. Hampsters are rodents who fur are suppost to keep them warm. Interested in more health tips, please visit

Can worms in humans cause weight loss?

Medically, yes. However, that is not a healthy way to lose weight. If you don't get rid of the worms in your body through the medicine prescribed to you, you may fall ill soon and/or die as a result.

How much body hair do eskimos have?

There is no set amount of hair that all Eskimos have. This amount of hair is similar to most humans around the world.

Is rabbit fur or hair dangerous to swallow and or is it dangerous to humans?

If its been everywhere then you don't want to eat it. It's dangerous to everyone,but if you eat the Rabbit and its raw there is a 50/50 chance you will have worms and die.

What does poils mean in French?

'poils' are body hair (when speaking of humans) or fur (for animals)

Humans are often called the naked apes Since we have extensive hair follicles all over our body why do you suppose we lack body hair?

The most widely held theory is that humans lost their hair evolving on the savannas of Africa in order to stay cool.One controversial hypothesis, called the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis, suggests that humans lost their hair evolving in semiaquatic or shoreline areas of east Africa as an adaptation to water (cf. dolphins and whales and their hair patterns).its a genetic thing. From birth little particles of hair will start growing all over your body. As you get older the hormones in your body start to increase and more hair is produced.

What does this idiom mean hairy situation?

it is when you are in a situation that is scary and frightening or dangerous, and the hair on your body stands on end.