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no it actually means the buttox

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Q: Is blue jean sitter a metaphor in the story Thank you Ma am?
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Which part is a metaphor in the line from Thank You Ma'am by Langston Hughes The large woman simply turned around and kicked him right square in his blue jean sitter?

Remember, a metaphor can only occur within the context of the statement. So if I said, "She leaned on her elbow as she slept", there is no metaphor, just a subject, verb, and object phrase.So ignore standard parts of speech in "The large woman simply turned around and kicked him right square in his blue-jeaned sitter." That means these are ignored: woman, turned / kicked, and all adjectives and adverbs. We're left basically with "blue-jeaned sitter". But what does that mean? Think about it. What would be inside blue jeans that could be called a "sitter"? The metaphor is made between buttocks as a "sitter".The metaphor could work too if it said " his blue-jeaned padding" but that is not as vivid as "sitter". Sitter also keeps with the overall tone and time (e.g. the period) of the writing.

What does blue-jeaned sitter mean?

Blue-jeaned sitter means kicked in the butt hope my answer helps!

What does blue suede shoes symbolise in the story thank you ma'm?

In the story " thank you ma'am" it was blue suede shoes that compelled Roger to steal. Because he wanted those shoes and did not have money, it became a reason to initiate his desire to steal.

Is the aqua blue water was a shiny mirror a metaphor?


Why did the boy try to steal on the thank you mam story?

Because he wanted blue suede shoes

Kicked him right square in his blue-jeaned sitter?

That means that he got kicked in the groin or the buttocks. "Sitter" can be slang for the buttocks, since that is where you sit.

Is this a simile or a metaphor Her eyes are blue buttons when she smiles?

That is definitely a metaphor :)

What is the metaphor for blue eyes?

Eyes as blue as saphires

What are some metaphor's for the color Blue?

Blue as the sky

What does it mean when someone kicks you right square in the blue jean sitter?

you are failour in fighting

Is once in a blue moon a metaphor?


Can you make a metaphor with are the skies are blue?