Is blood a purplish blue color?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Blood is red. Your veins viewed from above the skin may give the illusion of blue due to light refraction and other factors. The common misconception of "blue" blood is continued due to textbook illustrators use of blue and red to differentiate arteries and veins.

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Q: Is blood a purplish blue color?
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Color of oxygenated blood?

Oxygenated blood color is Red so when you bleed it is red because it is oxygenated.In your body unoxygenated its purplish-blue.

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I need to be more clear. My vagina turned from a pink color to a purplish blue color. Why does this happen?

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What color will your skin turn without oxygen?

your blood is blue but as the blood reaches the surface of your skin it is red. hope this helps. Ayraayra: Your skin will turn a bluish-purplish color.

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Is the blood flowing through the oxygen-poor vessels actually blue?

No ,it is purplish red .

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Blood is actually a bluish,purplish color. Whenever you see blood, it is red because once the blood touches the air, it turns red.

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