Is biomass good or bad

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Biomass is an organic material commonly used for fuel. It has both positive and negative effects. It reduces air pollution and acid rain but also decreases the carbon dioxide capacity levels of the Earth.

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Q: Is biomass good or bad
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What are some bad things for biomass?

its a pussyhole just type in is biomass good den youw will like get ur answer init

What are some bad things about biomass?

biomass can be bad bcuz it pollutes

Good things about biomass?

Biomass is good for plants. YOU JUST GOT RICK ROLL'D

What are the bad things about biomass?

when it runs out............... yeah.

What are the Good and bad points about biomass?

The good points:It is a very cheap fuelLess demands on the fossil fuelsIt makes sense to use our waste products for good is possible

Is biomass bad for the environment?

The biomass is the amount of living matter in an environment. It is neither good nor bad. Humans are part of the biomass of their environment. The environment can only support a certain amount of biomass before the resources are depleted.

Why is biomass a better alternative to coal?

Biomass can be regrown quickly, making it a good alternative to coal.

What is good about biomass energy?

that its masses are bio

What is bad about biomass energy?

It smells Expensive takes up a lot of space

Would you recommend the continued use of biomass?

no because it releases bad gasses

What bad things about biomass energy?

it releases CO2, methane and nitrous oxide when creating and using biomass. Also, it reaquires large amounts of water, land and trees

What are the bad things about biomass compared to the other energy source?

itis made of wast