Is beer good for weight gain?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Beer will cause increase in belly (stomach) size.

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Q: Is beer good for weight gain?
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How often do you have to drink beer to gain weight?

once a day

What else does beer do?

Beer isn't very good for you. I'm not forcing you not to drink it. Beer makes you gain alot of weight. It also turns your teeth slightly yellow, and makes you drunk, and you can do crazy things on the street, and could end up in jail.

How many fat grams in Guinness?

None. Beer doesn't have fat in it. Beer can cause weight gain because of the amount of carbonhydrates in it.

How can your child gain weight?

To gain weight you child has to eat good food.

Does beer make gain weight?

Like all alcoholic drinks beer is heavy in calories. Nearly every dedicated beer drinker has his or her paunch or "beer gut"

Is drinking beer good for gaining your weight?

Yea if you want a beer belly But why would you even want that???

What fruit is good to gain weight?


What can you do to gain wieght?

A good balanced diet and plenty of exercise. weight gain in muscle is far more attractive and healthy then weight gain in fat.

Can you gain weight by eating green?

You can always gain weight by eating too much of something. But greens are very good for you.

What is a weight gain calculator most useful for?

A weight gain calculator is useful in determining how many calories you need to intake on a daily basis in order to gain "good" weight and build muscle.

Nutritionist For Weight Gain?

We should find out good nutritionists for Weight Gain. According to my knowledge, you can get good nutritionists for Weight Gain at Dietitian Fit & Co. They are committed to continuous improvement to deliver service of the highest quality.

How many grams of fat in coors beer?

All beers are fat free, it's the sugar content that causes weight gain.