Is bad to get hit in the groin?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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If something hits you in the groin, it would cause pain but it would subside after a few minutes. Being constantly hit with something, or being hit by something very hard, it could cause internal or external injury that may need to be consulted to by a doctor.

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Q: Is bad to get hit in the groin?
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Does a piantball hurt when you get hit with one?

It depends where you get hit...If you get hit in the groin it hurts a lot

What is an illegal hit in dodgeball?

In the face, head or groin areas

If your a man and have a bad sideache with a bump by your groin what could it be?

Can be a hernia, have it checked out.

Did harry get hit by a shoe on stage?

Yes, Harry Styles was hit in the groin by a shoe thrown by an audience member.

What are the causes of groin injuries?

a groin injury is when you stretch too far or when you hurt the inside part of your thighs or the upper part of your leg. there are many ways that this can happen and how bad it can get, but the basic meaning of a groin injury is when you have pain in the inside part of your thigh.

What movie did Clint Eastwood hit the guy in the groin with a sledge hammer?

The Pale Rider

Is A Groin Attack Most Painful Hit?

This is actually a very complex question. For many men, a successful groin attack would be one of the most painful hits. It depends on how much concentrated force and in what direction the testicles are hit. It also depends on the pain tolerance of the person being hit, which can varey widely from male to male.

What is a painful puss filled rash in groin area of woman?

A rash in the groin can be something as simple as folliculitis, or eczema, to something as bad as a STD or an Sti. If it is a cause of concern, it is best to seek medical attention.

What causes a dull pain in the groin?

What causes groin pains? I would say grow'n pains. I think and heard its stretching or pulling of the muscle. Like when you strain to have a bowel movement. That muscle you flex when doing so is your groin. It sounds like you've pulled or strained something which may or may not be your groin. Either way it sounds like its time for a trip to the doctor.

What does it mean if you have a sore groin?

sore groin ,groin muscle pain

What happens if you get into a fist fight?

try to run away and hide and when he is not looking hit him in the groin and the choke him to death grab on 2 the coller of his shirt and pull on it when u hit

How to spell oink in french?

In French, "oink" is spelled "groin".