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Q: Is amway glucosamine is harmfull for long time use in ostio ortherities?
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How does bone grow and repair?

There are specialized cells that surround and permeate bone which lays down new bone fibers and dissolves old bone fibers. (look up ostio-blasts and -clasts)The working logic is lovely, every time a micro fracture occurs in bone that section is made stronger. At the same time everything is slowly being dissolved (and thus made weaker). As soon as a part gets weak enough to fracture ... that part gets strengthened.Thus bone is constantly being adjusted to being the lightest form which can do the job.add Bone is a piezo-electric material, and will be laid down in response to the stress at the point. There are some remarkable pics of broken major bones that gradually straighten as correct load is applied. But your pain nerves cannot distinguish between electrical signals from the piezo rebuild process, and pain itself. So pain indeed is your friend when it comes to bone repair. In the USSR electro-stimulation for aiding the healing of breaks is routine, but much less used in the west.