Is amp bad for you

Updated: 9/17/2023
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From my experience amp is bad cuz when i drank it i got diearea

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Q: Is amp bad for you
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Is a dual amp a good amp?

for a fist amp its not bad but dont screw your subs over if you have good subs and a bad amp. go with hifonics or somthing good if willing to spend,

Your amp cuts off when you hook it up to your subwoofers?

either your amp has a short..... or.... you have a bad ground

Is running your amp at 1 ohm bad for your system?

Only if your amp is rated to handle a 1 ohm load. If it's not you WILL... fry your amp.

Is putting a killswitch on a guitar bad for the amp?


Is AMP Whey protein bad for you?

i dont know what that is

Can you replace a 90 amp alternator with a 110 amp alternator?

yes you will get more amp cranks out of it and for dodge ram wont do anything bad but good for your truck

Why do you hear your car engine through your speakers?

Either due to a bad ground or a bad amp.

How much does a poor ground affects a car amp?

It will have a HUGE(and bad) effect on the amp's performance. Try running a mile while holding your breath - then you'll understand what the amp is going through with a poor ground.

Is it bad to bridge 2 2ohm speakers on a mono or 2 channel amp?


Why does your wiper windshield motor only work with a 30 amp fuse and not operate with a 20 amp fuse in the car?

It should work with a 20 amp, just not as long. Wipers use a fair amount of current so the factory puts a 30 amp in. Perhaps that particular 20 amp is bad or it blew as soon as you turned the wipers on.

Why a 1998 sebring wont start and blows 20 amp fuse?

Very likely the starter is bad.

Is there a way to hook headphones to a guitar amp?

generally no, unless your amp has specific outputs for it... you might be able to rig it to work using cables and converter plugs, If your amp has a speaker extension output, but I seriously don't recommend trying it as I'm pretty sure that only leads to bad things happening... although Im not really to sure, althout its your amp, ears, and headphones your playing with here, not mine...