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Q: Is air bag an open closed or hyphenated compound word?
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Is home run an open compound word?

it can be any type of compound word it can be closed ex:homerun or open ex: home run or hyphenated ex:home-run not so much hyphenated but it can be either closed or open :) hoped it help

Is classroom open or closed compound word?

Classroom is a closed compound word.

Is lefthanded a compound word or a hyphenated compound?

Left-handed is a hyphenated compound.

What kind of compound word is wrist watch?

Wrist watch is an open compound word.

Is self-taught a compound word?

Yes. It is a hyphenated compound word.

What is a closed compound word?

A word like moonlight if the word would be life jacket that would be an example of a open compound word.

Is sister-in-law a compound word?

yes, and its an example of a hyphenated compound word

Is open ended a hyphenated word?

Yes, open-ended should be hyphenated

Is old fashioned a hyphenated compound word?


Is X-ray a compound word?

Yes, x-ray is a compound noun. There are three types of compound nouns: open spaced: tennis shoe, front door, paint brush hyphenated: mother-in-law, fifty-five, x-ray closed: bathtub, baseball, houseboat

What is the meaning of an open compound word?

Some English sources recognize three types of compound words: open, closed and hyphenated. Open compound words are words comprised of two or more words that are separated by a space. For example, "post office" and "attorney general". Closed compound words, are words comprised of two or more words with no spaces. For example, "paperclip" and "moonlight". Hyphenated compound words are comprised of two or more words separated by hyphens. For example, "middle-earth" and "blue-eyed". Often, the decision on how to express a compound word is a matter of style and convention. For example, should the word be written as "mid year", "midyear", or "mid-year"? Some English language references do not recognize the concept of open compound words and treat these as multi-word terms or phrases. Like many questions related to language, there is no definitive answer because there is no universally recognized entity responsible for providing the definitive answer.

What compound word can you make with eye?

Three types of compound words with examples containing "eye": Open compound word: black eye Close compound word: eyewitness Hyphenated compound word: one-eyed-king