Is ac return better on ceiling or wall?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: Is ac return better on ceiling or wall?
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How do you add additional ac returns?

Your problem is more than you posted. Cut a hole in the ceiling or wall, and install a ductsto the return plenum and/or run it through the floor trusses or ceiling trusses but look at someway to remove air from the room in question and get it back the main air conditioner return heating ducts

Is the current in my house for a light AC?

Yes, assuming the light is attached to a fan a ceiling, or plugged into a wall.

Is the motor in a ceiling fan ac or dc?

is AC, bro...

Where is the air filter located on a Ruud AC unit?

The filter is most likely in the area of the return box. This box is usually located beneath the system. If you have a gas furnace the filter may be behind the bottom door. It is possible that you have a return filter grill which would be on the wall or in the ceiling. You must figure out how the system is getting its return air and that is the most likely place to look for the filter.

Did ceiling fan operate on dc or ac current?

ac current

What is ac register?

An Air Conditioning (ac) register is the little grille in the ceiling where conditioned air comes into a room.

Where should vents be placed-ceiling or floor for AC?

should be on floor.

What size of return is needed for 2.5 ton AC?

14'' is needed for a 2.5 ton system more return air the better air handlers are made to blow not suck....

How much energy can I save by using ceiling fans?

Celing fans are an excellent way of saving energy if set to "reverse". This will pull the cold air from the AC upwards and spread it around the room better. Only 75 watts per hour for a ceiling fan!

Where is ac vacuum line on 1998 dodge ram?

It goes into the fire wall on the pass side next to the ac lines.It goes into the fire wall on the pass side next to the ac lines.

Where should vents be placed-celiling or floor for AC?

Ceiling. Cold air fails

Journal entry for sales return?

Cash Ac Dr to Sales AC To sales Return Alc