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No. A tornado on the ocean or some other body of water is called a waterspout. A funnel cloud is a tornado that has not yet touched down.

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Q: Is a tornado called a funnel cloud in the ocean?
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A vast tropical funnel cloud in the pacific ocean?

A large, rotating tropical storm in the Pacific Ocean would be a typhoon, but typhoons to not have funnel clouds. A funnel cloud anywhere is simply a funnel cloud.

Is a twister and a hurricane the same?

No. A hurricane is a large scale self-sustaining storm system that forms over tropical ocean water. A twister, more commonly called a tornado, is a small-scale but violent vortex that forms from and is dependent on a parent thunderstorm and is usually made visible by a funnel cloud.

What do you call a tornado on the ocean?

A tornado on water is called a waterspout.

What is a tornado in the ocean called?

it's called a water spout.

What is a tornado occurring over a lake or ocean?

A tornado over a body of water is called a waterspout.

What ocean does a tornado form over?

Tornadoes generally form over land, not the ocean. You are thinking of hurricanes. The term hurricane refers to a tropical cyclone that occurs over the Atlantic Ocean or the eastern Pacific ocean.

What do you call a tornado that forms over a calm sea?

A tornado on water is called a waterspout.

What are some other names for a tornado?

Cyclone is the generic term for the weather phenomenon that covers cyclones in the southern hemisphere (Pacific and Indian Oceans), hurricanes in the Caribbean and Atlantic, and typhoons in Asia and the South China Sea.These three are all formed in the same way, over the ocean, and often develop out of a tropical storm, but they are not the same as tropical storms.Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons are all names for the same phenomena which occur in different parts of the world, and which rotate in a different direction depending on whether they occur in the northern or the southern hemisphere.There are some storm names on the Atlantic list (where the storm is called a hurricane) that also appear on the northern Pacific list (where the storm is called a typhoon)--for instance, there are both a Typhoon Rita and a Hurricane Rita.

Can tornadoes happen in the ocean?

Yes. A tornado on water is called a waterspout.

A tornado over the sea is called a toofan Can you think of another word for tornado or hurricane which you think might have come from toofan?

A tornado at sea is not called a "toofan," it is called a waterspout. You may be confusing this with "typhoon" which is a hurricane in the western Pacific Ocean.

What is a mass of swirling cloudsover the ocean called?

A swirling vertical funnel that occurs over a body of water is termed a "waterspout."

How long did the tornado of lennox head last for?

the tornado of lennoxMore on this pageWhat on earth happened? ... the aftermath of the devastating tornado / Pic: Getty Images Source: The Daily TelegraphIT roared in from the ocean, a swirling funnel of fury. In less than 60 seconds, parts of Lennox Head were gone - wiped out by a freak force of nature rarely seen in this country.