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Anything can be bad for your hair if you use it in excess, otherwise, no.

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Q: Is a straighten perm bad for your hair?
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How long after a perm can you straighten your hair?

24 hours

How do you straighten hair fast?

you ca straighten your hair fast by using a flat iron or getting a relaxer (perm)

Can you straiten a wig?

straighten?you can go to the hair salons.It's the perm process.

What can you wash your hair with to remove a perm?

Nothing. There is no product that can was out a relaxer because it is a chemical that is meant to permanently straighten your hair, hence why it is called a Perm. The only way to get rid of a perm is to cut it out.

Can you straighten your hair after getting a perm and keep the perm afterwards?

Have you ever gotten a perm before? No, you are not supposed to, it would ruin your perm. {Perm means somthing along the line of PERMANENT!!}

How do you do your ahir like Aaliyah?

You need To get a perm to straighten your hair. and after flat iron it.

How do you get rid of nappy hair?

i use perm to straighten out my hair so it wont be nappy for a couple of months

How and when can you straighten your permed hair?

You can straighten it everyday if you want to, it will only come out faster. so, try to straighten it only once or twice a week to keep your permed hair. What's the point of getting a perm, if you are going to straighten it?

What is a boxed perm?

It is an at home, self-help permanent that is used either to straighten or curl your hair.

Is a hair relaxer better than straight perms to straighten hair?

relaxer and straight perm are basicly the same thing

Can you straighten hair with a perm?

it might be if you do not have a wavey hair that's from birth because if you do after some time it will turn to its real style.

Is it hard to take care of your hair if you have a curly perm?

I've never had a perm before but my hair is naturally curly. It is VERY difficult to take care of and is always looking bad and getting tangled. I'm going to straighten my hair this weekend because of this. I would strongly suggest to keep your hair straight if that's the way it is. :)