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Yes she is to much over weight if shes 13 because you should only weigh maximum 7 stone.

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Q: Is a girl height 4'10 weighs 135 over weight shes 13?
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Is a girl height 4'10 and weighs 147 over weight shes 13?

Yes. Her BMI is horrible. She's considered obese at that height. Unless, however, she is extremely muscular.

Is a 12 year old girl that weighs 120 pound that does cheerleading over weight?

depending on how tall she is, without height i cannot tell you if this is overweight

14 year old girl who weighs 7.71 stone and is 5'3 Is that over weight?

no you are not over weight

I am a 5'2 12yr old girl who weighs 128 lbs is that over weight?

that is a healthy average weight. you are definitely NOT over weight

If a girl that is 11 and is 140 pounds is tat over weight or under weight?

that is very over weight but it depends on ur height

You are fourteen and your weight is 167 is that normal or are you over weight?

You need a longer question. Boy? Girl? Height? This depends on you height and sex.

What is the average weight for a 19 year old girl that is 5'4 and weighs 127 pounds Is that over weight?

Sounds just about right....

An 11 year olg girl weighs 5 stone and is 148 cm tall Is she over weight?


Is a fifteen year old girl that is five feet five inches and weighs 123 pounds considered over weight?

No...this weight is normal

You are a 15 year old girl and weigh 11 stone and 8lb are you over weight?

It depends on your height.

Is a 11 year old girl over weigh if she weighs 106 and is 56'?

OVERweight?? That's actually a little on the skinny side. But your height (four feet and eight inches) is also a factor, so you are actually at a normal weight for that.

Which term refers to a person who weighs more than 100 pounds over the expectation for height age and build?

Morbid obesity is a condition in which a person weighs more than 50% over the standard weight for their height , age, and build. It is a serious health issue.