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No. In fact, a diva doesn't have to be female, if you're using it as slang.

The term originated as the Diva of an Opera who was the star of the show; they commonly had a spoiled and "it's all about me" attitude, so now it refers to someone who is a spoiled, pretentious, and generally high-maintenance brat.

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Q: Is a diva really the female version of a hustler?
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What is the urban definition of a diva?

The female version of a 'hustler'.

Is diva a female version of hustler?

no that is just a song by beyonce

What is a diva in the hip-hop music?

the hip-hop definition of a diva is a female version of a hustler

Whats the meaning of diva?

the meaning of a diva is either a girl wrestler or a female version of a hustler or a gansta wich i am by elana valdes

What diva means?

A prima donna.

What do you call a female gangster?

A diva.

What do you call a female opera star?

A 'diva'

What is another name for female star of a film?

A female star of a film is a diva.

What is another way to word diva?

A diva is a glamorous and successful female performer or female singer. A synonym for diva is a prima donna.

Who is a female opera star such as leontyne price?


How do you get a WWE Diva to follow you on Twitter?

By being really, really interesting to an at least mildly tech-savvy WWE diva.

Does a diva have her own rules?

no apparently my teacher doesnt know the definition of a diva a diva is a female after mother hood singer am i a singer or have a kid don't think so