Is a color CC Diamond good?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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A diamond advertised with a 'CC' colour is a diamond advertised without a standard classification for its colour.

The best colour grade for a 'colourless' diamond is 'D'.

The advertiser may be able to explain this colour coding to you: no results are available using 'CC' as a query for a colour of diamond.

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Q: Is a color CC Diamond good?
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141 cc is this good enough?

141 cc of what? And good enough for what?141 cc of what? And good enough for what?141 cc of what? And good enough for what?141 cc of what? And good enough for what?

What is a good diamond color to use in a memorial ring?

A very clear white diamond would bea goo traditional choice.

How do you get a diamond color enhanced?

You can get a diamond color enhanced through coating or polishing.

What is a good cut color and clarity?

For diamond Cut- round/ brilliant color= D, E, F clarity= Fl, IF or VVS1

What color top would look good with a blue diamond necklace?

I think that black would always look good but if you are more outgoing I think that something with a similar blue color would look good.

What is the average price of a diamond?

There really is not such a thing as an average price for a diamond as such. Diamonds are priced by 4 factors (the 4 Cs)--cut, clarity, color, and carat (weight). Cut refers to how well the diamond is cut. Clarity refers to the internal flaws the diamond might have. The more flaws the less it is worth. Color refers to the color of the diamond. A white diamond is worth considerably more than one that is yellowish. Finally carat weight refers to the size of the diamond. The bigger the diamond the greater the price. You are asking for an average so if we assume an average cut, average color, average clarity, and a smaller size carat weight assuming more of those are sold than of the larger diamonds and if we assume just the diamond and no setting, then we can perhaps give you a rough idea of what the price might be. Certainly, the most popular clarity would be one with very slight imperfections. The color of the average diamond would probably have some slight color when compared to a colorless diamond probably a J or I color. Cut would be good to very good rather than ideal. Let us then assume a 0.5 carat diamond, J or I color, very good cut, with very slight imperfections. Blue Nile sells these diamonds for about $1100 to $1300 each.

What color is diamond?

Black diamonds are black.

What are the factors influencing the price of diamond?

Cut, Clarity, and color of the diamond

What color are cc from black veil brides' eyes?

brown ^_^

What color are the diamond cards in a deck of cards?

The color is red!

Are chocolate diamond rings edible?

No they are not. Chocolate, in this case, refers to the color of the diamond, not what it is made from. The stones are gorgeous to look at, but the more color a diamond has, the more expensive it becomes.

What color is the eureka diamond?