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Q: Is a chest size 28aa to small to wear a bra?
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My bra size is 28aa and i am 14 years old 5'3 is that ok because every one else has really big bras i do do not have a big bra?

yeah that's totally normal everyone develops at a different time im a 28aa too to make your chest look bigger wear a padded bra or gel filled.

If you wear a small size women's top what size men's shirt would you wear?

extra small or small it depends

If your breasts are a size 28AA should you wear a padded bra?

it's completely a personal choice. if having a padded bra would make you feel more confident, go for it! its certainly not something to be afraid to do, women wear padded bras all the time

What top size would you be in womens if you wear a kids size 12?

Extra small or small.

Should a 9 yr old wear cami's or bras?

it totaly depends on her chest size

What is the age of the clothing size s?

It's not an age. It is just a size small. Like if you're 6 years old you might wear a size small or if you're 11years old it's possible to wear size small. It just depends on the size of your body.

What is medium shoe size?

If you wear a size 2 in children what size is it for small medium or large

Are you fat if you wear a size 4 in jeans and a size small in shirts?

LOL NO way!

What shoe size is a youth medium?

If you wear a size 2 in children what size is it for small medium or large

What clothing size do Shih Tzus wear?

extra small or small depending on how big they are.

What size pants does an 8 yr old girl wear?

They wear any size if they are big or small but mostly around 4.5. or 6

How old do you need to be when you wear a bra my daughter is 12 and her friends make fun of her cause she doessent have big boobs like them my daughter has small boobs and she doosent wear a bra?

You are probley a child typing this, but i started wearing a bra when i was 8. You can wear a bra when ever just dont buy one that is to big or to small. You shoulld let her wear a bra if she has a smaller chest concider a size 30A or a sports bra.