Is a bath good for a high temp?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Is a bath good for a high temp?
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Is it good when baby's temperature is high to wash him?

No it is not good to give the baby a bath when he has a temperature you get a cool wash cloth that will help with the baby's temp!then you give the baby a warm bottle of formula or milk either way works just don't give him alot that will brind his temp up alot!

Why does a bath of warm water have more energy than a white hot sparkler?

because even though the sparkler has a high temp. the bath has more volume so it takes in more heat energy

Are bath towels from target any good?

Bath towels from Target are not generally considered high-end bath towels, but they should be sufficient for most peoples' needs.

Can you drink alcohol while high on bath salts?

You can drink battery acid while high on bath salts if you really really want to. That doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Are high temps action more ideal than low temps?

It all depends. If you are attempting to melt a metal, then high temp is good. If you are making ice cream, then low temp is good. If you are talking about the ambient outdoors temp, then while we can dress accordingly for temp of say 60o below usual ambients, it becomes impossible to dress for temp even 20o above normal ambient.

Where is the Bath High School Preservation in Bath North Carolina located?

The address of the Bath High School Preservation is: Po Box 149, Bath, NC 27808-0149

The three temperature ranges for refrigeration systems are?

low temp, medium temp, high temp

What is to high a temp?


What is the normal phase of zinc?

it is room temp. if its temp is to high it will melt.

How high is the temp on Uranus?

at the highest temp. it is -205 degrees Celsius.

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