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The ideal weight for this height would have to be around 114lbs but It all depends on body fat (muscle weighs more than fat). Hope this helps you

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Q: Is a 5'3 girl who weighs 129 pounds overweight?
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If a 13 year old girl weighs 129 poujds is she overweight?

depends on your size

How much is a 14 year old girl supposed to weight?

It depends on the persons weight, but an average 14year old girl weighs about 85- 130 pounds.

What is th average weight for a fourteen year old girl?

About 129 pounds :)

What is 129 pounds minus 125.6 pounds?

129 pounds minus 125.6 pounds equals 3.4 pounds

Is a 13-year-old considered fat if she is 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 129 pounds?

If you're 13 and five foot four at 129 pounds, you are perfectly fine! Don't let people get to you. It it is completely fine!

Are you fat if you are 24 five foot 10 inches and way 260 pounds?

Ideal BMI for 5'10 is 129-173. anything over is overweight.

What is the average weight for a girl 5'2?

Your weight would be between 115 - 129 pounds.

How many stone are in 129 pounds?

9.2 stone in 129 pounds.

What is the ideal weight for a 5' 1 girl?

the ideal weight for a 5' 1 girl is at least 90 pounds

How many kgs is 129 pounds?

129 pounds is 58.5 (58.5134) kg

How mank kgs are there in 129 pounds?

129 pounds equates to 58.5 (58.5134) kg

How many dollars is 129 pounds?

£129 is $156.54