Is a 34 H bra size big?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Yes, 34H is big. The average cup size in the U.S. is A-D, though it is larger in Europe. You usually can't find larger cup sizes like this in your department store and have to shop a specialty store or online to find larger sized Bras. Freya and Fantasie brands have beautiful bras in this size. Bravado offers some nice nursing bras in larger sizes in addition to "average" sizes.

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Q: Is a 34 H bra size big?
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What is Niki minaj's bra size?

big as h*ll

How big is I cup bra size?

as far as my gf's told me there isnt an i cup. My gf's an h-cup and as far as i'm concerned thats not a big enough bra(actually i probabbly should be happy ;)) but she has said she cant find a bra larger than an H-cup. I'm glad i had the chance to answer your question :D

Kelly kelly from WWE bra size?

H 7

Why are bras big?

Bras come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. With that being said big boy ;-) , here are some facts for you : Bra sizes start with size "A" and stop at "H". A being the smallest to H being the largest. Also they are sized by our chest lengthens, 34B, 38D, 42C for example. The number indicates the lengthen around the body. The number indicates the size of the bra. Therefore you can have 34A, 34B,34C and so on. The closer the letter is to H, the bigger the bra is and the more it covers up. Women who like to flaunt their "stuff" will get the size they need and a small letter, so if they do have big breasts, it gets the nice rounding effect that you guys like. :-)

What do you mean ABCD in bra size?

Bra size means the following: A = Almost there B = Barely there C = Can do D = Darn good E = Excellent F = Fab G= Good luck H= Help, I can't find a good bra

Why do bras have letters?

They have letters because not all women's breasts are the same size. The letter is the symbol of the size of the bra. It starts with A and ends with H. :-)

Is 38 h a big cup size?

Yes it is.

What does HHH mean?

HHH/Triple H stands for Hunter Hearst Helmsley HHH also refers to a bra cup size

Is a bra size c big?

Actually, its not just dependent on the cup size...Relatively speaking, for teenage girls, a C cup is average/large, however there are a huge range of other sizes going up to H!! The appearance of a size also depends on the length aroudn your chest, measured in numbers, the smallest I know of is 8, so if you're and 8C its not very big, however if you were to be a 16C it would be very very big, so it all depends on the combination of cup size and chest size.

How big are your boobs--to find an average size not to be pervy?

My breast are size 50 triple H&I love them

What bras are available for woman who need an H cup bra?

There are many bras that make an H cup. Jeunique, Tab, CFBC, Glamorise, and Goddess are among them. I would highly recommend that you have a Custom Bra Fitting to make sure you end up in the right size, since all brands are a little different. For instance if you wear a H cup in Jeunique, you will fit better in a J cup in a CFBC. Keep in mind that Bra size is not as important as how it fits. Everyone is different and some bras fit certain body types better than others.

What color bra are you wearing today?

What the H@&%! U HAVE ISSUES! Stalker!