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Q: Is UV radiation good or bad or both?
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How can the ozone be both good and bad for life on earth?

Ozone is good when it is in the stratosphere, as it protects us from harmful UV radiation by absorbing it. However, ozone at ground level can be harmful to living organisms, causing respiratory problems and damaging crops, as it is a major component of smog.

Which are more energetic photons of UV-A radiation or photons of UV-B radiation?


What radiation is absorbed by glass?

Glass is transparent to visible light but absorbs ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This is why glass can protect against UV rays from the sun, which can be harmful to both humans and materials.

How do UV and radiation relate?

UV is a type of radiation. It is fatal for life on earth.

Which of these is not a reason to avoid UV radiation?

uv radiation destroys vitamin D

Are UV light and UV rays the same thing?

Yes, UV light and UV rays refer to the same thing - ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is not visible to the human eye. UV light or UV rays are terms used to describe this form of radiation.

How can the ozone be bad to life on earth?

Ozone in the upper atmosphere is GOOD for life on earth, its presence there shields life on Earth from the harmful UV radiation that comes from the Sun.

Is the sun good or bad for us?

The Sun is good because it is the source of all our heat and energy. it also gives us a good resource of vitimin d The sun also Emmit's UV radiation which can be harmful

Which does not belong vitamin D cholesterol UV radiation or keratin?


What happened when uv radiation emitted sodium?

UV radiation does not and cannot emit sodium.

Which are more energetic photons of UV A radiation or photons of UV B radiation?


What is ultraviolet radiation where does it come from what is uv index and how is the uv index determine?

UV radiation is released from the sun.It is harmful for life.