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Q: Is Thomas Haden Church in in cox commercial?
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How tall is Michael Thomas Cox?

Michael Thomas Cox is 6' 2".

Who is the blond in the cox commercial?

Courtney Pauroso

What is the song from the cox commercial with digis?

The music for the first Cox digis commercial "get ready...your world is about to get a little better" is by Justin Sconza - A pretty picture

What has the author Thomas H Cox written?

Thomas H. Cox has written: 'Gibbons v. Ogden, law, and society in the early republic'

Who are Randy's family on the cox commercial?

Who are the kids that play randy kids in the cox contour commercials

Who were the first settlers of Wilmington?

Thomas Cox

Who is the dad in the cox commercial?

I think it is Robert Pine.

Who is Rita in the cox bundle commercial?

Carol Mansell

Who is the cute blond in the Cox commercial?

Courtney Pauroso

Who is Paul's dad in cox commercial?

Mike Farrell?

Who is the father in the cox recorder hoarder commercial?

Robert Pine

Who is the woman with Robert pine on the cox commercial?

Carol Mansell