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Q: Is The car was fixed an active or passive sentence?
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Is had gone active or passive?

Passive because it doesn't tell us who lost the pencil. Jack had lost the pencil -- is an active sentence The pencil had been lost by Jack -- is a passive sentence. You don't have to have the agent (by Jack)

Active to Passive?

john has sold car

What is the passive voice of The mechanic will repair the car?

The passive equivalent is "The car will be repaired by the mechanic."

Why do writers often strive to write using more active-voice verbs and fewer passive-voice vers?

Writers often prefer to use active-voice because it makes the sentence more engaging for the reader. It describes someone or something doing something, as opposed to something just being done. Active voice is occasionally the only way a sentence may be constructed. Also, passive voice often makes sentences abnormally difficult to construct and read. For example: active: Fish live in the sea. passive: no passive voice version because there is no subject. Fish live + (preposition)... you can't construct a passive equivalency. active: I drove my car today! passive: My car was driven by me today! The passive voice makes the sentence very unwieldy, requiring a helping verb (was) not required in the active voice sentence. It adds extra words, and focuses on the object being acted upon, rather than whoever is performing the action.

How you can use verb to have in passive voice?

Yes but I think only as an axillary verb not as a main verb. If have is the main verb it will change to had in the passive egThe have a new car - passive = The new car is hadby them = not good.Or as an auxiliary verb:They have bought the books.passive = The books have been bought by them.We have eaten the all the apples.passive = All the apples have been eaten.Notice that you have to have a plural object in the active sentence to keep have in the passive sentence. If you have a singular object then in the passive sentence have will change to has.We have eaten the cake.passive = The cake has been eaten.

What is the active voice in the sentence the car was washed?

[Some one] washed the car. You need an active subject to use active voice. Who did the washing? That person should be the actor in the sentence.

How do you teach passive voice in grammar?

Passive voice is basically taking the emphasis off the actor in a sentence and putting the emphasis on whatever or whoever was acted upon. For instance, in active voice you would say I smashed the car. In passive voice (like if you were telling your dad), you could say The car was smashed. ... no mention of you at all. Your dad has to ask follow up questions, because you used passive voice. You could also say The car was smashed by me. Still passive voice, still identifying the actor, but placing the emphasis on the car rather than you. Here is an excellent handout on the subject:

Use assesment in a sentence?

I need to have an assessment done of what needs to be fixed on my car.

How do you use transmission in a sentence?

" My transmission to my car broke, and I missed the party." " I need to get my transmission fixed on my car." " My favourite word is transmission." " My dad's favorite word is transmission." " When will you get that transmission on your car fixed?" " How do you put transmission in a sentence?" Dude, I think you got it..

Hey everyone! I am from Russia and I have a little problem with my English homework. Could you help me make sentences in the passive voice with different tenses and irregular verbs Thanks?

Passive voice is when the subject has the action done to them. Hold on... that doesn't make too much sense. Here's an example. Passive voice: "The car is being cleaned by the volunteers." Active voice: "The volunteers clean the car." Passive voice is when the subject receives the action. Active voice is the subject doing the action.

Which sentence uses a passive voice A The car was speeding B The roads were slick C The police officer stopped the car D The driver was ticketed?


What does caused mean?

It means that the policies that are implemented by our government are there for a good reason