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First of all, "radiation" is any energy that flows out from a source. There is radiation coming from your body if it is cool out: This type is called, "Heat".

There is another type of radiation coming from a candle: you can see it, and it is called, "Light".

X-ray machines radiate, well, 'X-rays'.

There is electrostatic radiation coming out of older TV sets: It's the same thing as when you touch something and get a little shock. It is not dangerous.

Atomic radiation, or nuclear radiation comes from radio-active sources like uranium and radium. This one is more dangerous than the others because it is usually very strong and can 'cook' you quickly, much like a microwave oven can cook flesh.

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Q: Is TV radiation dangerous to your health?
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Does the radiation from tv affect childrens health?

The radiation from modern televisions is negligible.

Are X-rays less dangerous to health than ultraviolet radiation?

No, they are not. X-rays have a higher energy than UV radiation, and they have the potential to do more damage to tissue.

Are green lasers dangerous for one's health?

The latest information says that green lasers can be dangerous for one's health. They put out more radiation that originally thought and are harmful to the eyes as well as your general health.

Is it dangerous to be around radiation patients?

When sick people are treated with radiation, that does not make them radioactive. Radiation is dangerous, but radiation patients are not.

Are TV dangers?

depending on the type of metal humans or animals are subject to; it could have a dangerous effect on your health or it could be harmless.

Is Cherenkov radiation always associated with radioactivity?

No. -- The heat from the fireplace is dangerous only if you sit too close. -- The light from the flashlight is dangerous only if you hold it 2 inches from your eye. -- The radiation from the TV station is dangerous only if you're up on the tower in just the right place.

Are alpha radiation dangerous?

Any electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous. Alpha waves are higher on the radiation scale than x-rays so yes, they are dangerous.

What is taking damage c plus plus?

// Taking Damage // Demonstrates function inlining #include <iostream> int radiation(int health); using namespace std; int main() { int health = 80; cout << "Your health is " << health << "\n\n"; health = radiation(health); cout << "After radiation exposure your health is " << health << "\n\n"; health = radiation(health); cout << "After radiation exposure your health is " << health << "\n\n"; health = radiation(health); cout << "After radiation exposure your health is " << health << "\n\n"; return 0; } inline int radiation(int health) { return (health / 2); }

Do LCD screen emit radiation?

An LED TV does emit radiation. However, the amount is very small and not considered harmful. The radiation from an LED television is much less than the radiation that was emitted from older television models.

Is nuclear power dangerous to humans?

All sorts of nuclear radiation are dangerous. To use nuclear power safely the radiation in the reactor core must not be allowed to escape. Provided this is achieved, it is a safe industry. The health records of those who work on nuclear sites proves this.

Is radiation from japan dangerous to California?

Small amounts of radiation from damaged nuclear plants in Japan have already reached California but they pose no health threats at all. Any radiation that reaches California from Japan is well dissipated by the time it gets there.

How do you write an essay about radiation effect on human health and environment?

what is the effect of radiation on health