Is TV bad for health

Updated: 9/19/2023
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yes TV is bad for your health because you may gain weight if you watch too much and that can lead to later medical problems.

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Q: Is TV bad for health
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Is it bad for the animals health?

I believe you question is incomplete. If you are asking "Watching tv, is it bad for the animal health?" the answer is YES. Watching tv for a long time could harm animal health. Thank You.

Is tv bad for your health?

Some people think it is. Fortunately, TV provides education and entertainment, and it's only bad if it's the ONLY part of your life.

What does TV do to people?

TV is a combination of education and entertainment. Unfortunately, some people hate TV because they think it's "bad" for your health.

Are TVs bad for your health?

yea because you get two types of symptoms near sided or far sided

When was Health TV created?

Health TV was created in 2010.

Should junkfood ads be banned from television?

yes they should. The ads arnt doing anyone any good. They only tell you how good it tastes but not how bad it is for your health.

Are 3D TVs bad for health?

There is no evidence that suggests 3D televisions are bad for health. However, there is advice that young children shouldn't watch. Some viewers have found that watching 3D can be uncomfortable or cause headaches. Headaches and discomfort can be experienced using both passive and active glasses (the two technologies used in 3D television at present). It is important to spend some time watching 3D televisions before making a purchase to make sure your final selection is the right one for you and your family.

What are bad effects from watching television dealing with health?

you lose twice as many brain cellsApart from your brain rotting away into an unimaginative suggestible ball of mush as your uninteresting experience-bereft life slips away along with your health?Not much really..

What makes a bad tv show?

Bad writing, bad director, bad acting, or bad content.

What are the release dates for Bad Cop Bad Cop - 1998 TV?

Bad Cop Bad Cop - 1998 TV was released on: USA: 1998

What can happen if you watch tv too long?

Yes, it is bad for your eye health and learning.If you watch TV too much you should probably lose quite alot of your learning i should know this from a past experience

Why is tv bad for kids?

Certain TV stations can be bad for kids because children are very impressionable and can learn "bad things" from TV. They also do not necessarily have the ability to tell good from bad yet, or real from fake.