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TVB is a Cantonese channel, but occasionally will broadcast Cantonese dubbed Mandarin drama shows.

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Q: Is TVB a Cantonese or Mandarin channel?
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Did Mandarin or Cantonese come first?

Cantonese. Mandarin is only 700-800 years old while Cantonese is about 2000 years old.

Are Mandarin and Cantonese characters the same?

Yes, both Mandarin and Cantonese characters are the same. However, the pronunciations and slangs are different. There are also different Mandarin and Cantonese names for some things.

What language is easier to learn Cantonese or Mandarin?


What are the main differences between mandarin and cantonese?

the differences are mandarin only has 4 tones but cantonese has 9 tones.

How do you say tiger in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese?

In Mandarin tiger is 老虎 (Lǎohǔ), But I cannot help you with Cantonese, I do not know very much Cantonese. Sorry!

Is Cantonese and mandarin the same?

Cantonese is one of the dialects of Chinese. Cantonese only has a spoken form which is different from Mandarin Chinese. Its writing form is also the same Chinese characters.

Can cantonese understand mandarin?

I am Cantonese and I usually don't understand what people are talking about when they speak in Mandarin. So the answer is no. You wouldn't be able to understand completely until you've learnt mandarin but you can sometimes make out what people are saying in mandarin. But if you do learn either of them, learning mandarin and already knowing Cantonese would make it easy to learn but it wouldn't be the case the other way round. This is probably because Cantonese has more tones and is harder?

How different are mandarin and cantonese?

Mandarin and Cantonese are two dialects of the Chinese language. Knowing one will not allow you the understand the other in conversation, however you will be able to communicate through writing, as Mandarin and Cantonese written language are similar enough to be mutually understood.

How do you say CHINA in Cantonese?

pronouce as "Jung Kwok" in Cantonese and "Zhong Guo" in Mandarin

How is Cantonese different from Mandarin?

Cantonese is the traditional Chinese language in Hong-Kong and Macau. Mandarin is Chinese language what is used in Sino-Tibetan and Sinitic.

Can Mandarin Chinese Be Understood By Cantonese Chinese People?

More than 90% of Cantonese speakers can also speak Cantonese!

How do you say mouse in cantonese?

Cantonese is a language spoken in China, and is quite similar to Mandarin. In Cantonese, the word mouse is translated as "shubiao."