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State Farm is a reliable insurance company, but it depends on your needs and the type of insurance you are looking for. It might be best to do a comparison of the costs and coverage of your insurance options before making a decision.

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Q: Is State Farm Insurance typically more reliable than other insurance companies?
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Is endsleigh insurance reliable as most insurance companies?

"Endsleigh Insurance is an insurance provider that is probably not as reliable as some of the bigger name insurance providers. As far as insurance goes, it is better to go with a known provider."

Does Aon Insurance offer discounts and are they reliable?

I dont know much about Aon insurance from news reports they are a reliable insurance company. They do offer discount to other insurance companies,bankers and brokers.

Is star health insurance a reliable insurance company?

Star Health Insurance is a reliable insurance company because they cover all your needs. They also compete with other companies to keep your rates low.

What are some reliable auto insurance companies in MA?

Some reliable auto insurance companies in MA include: Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Safe Auto, Progressive, Metlife, Ameriprise, AARP, AIG, State Farm, and Travelers insurance companies.

What companies offer the most reliable online insurance quotes?

Many popular insurance companies offer reliable quotes online. Some of these companies are: Progressive, E-surance, Geico, and State Farm. All of these insurance companies will provide you with a fast and free quote online.

Is safeauto insurance a reliable insurance company?

According to safeauto insurance is one of the better sub-standard companies for insurance. You can visit their website for a quote too.

Where can I find reliable garage liability insurance?

There are many reputable insurance companies that provide garage liability insurance. Progressive, State Farm, and Geico are all good companies and can assist you.

What are good and reliable home insurance companies?

Home owner's insurance is a contract that allows coverage if an accident(s) occurs in a lifetime to one's home. They are many insurance companies that have good and reliable contract for home insurance. Your preferred price, benefits, and coverage's (among others) will be key facts in choosing your insurance provider. Some companies I believe may have good and reliable coverage are: State Farm, Progressive, Liberty mutual, and Giego.

What is the most reliable type of mobile home insurance?

there are several reliable insurance companies for mobile home owners. Visit or for mobile home insurance providers.

How can one buy auto insurance online?

An individual can buy auto insurance online by going to the individual websites of many well known insurance companies. Three reliable companies for online insurance are Nationwide, Progressive and Liberty Mutual.

What are some reliable contents insurance companies?

It depends on the type of insurance the customer is interested in pursuing. Should do research to find the appropriate company that fits there needs. There are some companies like Geico, All state and Met life that offer great reliable insurance policies.

What are some reliable insurance companies in NJ?

The state of New Jersey as most of the eastern coast has enjoyed steady state-average insurance company premiums which boasts reliability. Some examples of these insurance companies are: Allstate, 21st Century Group and Chubb Insurance.