Is Sodium good or bad for hair?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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i think its bad for hair in may shampoos have sodium chemical u shouldn,t use that shampoo and alcohal is also not good a little is good but too much it,s bad like suslik shampoo it s just very worst shampoo do not use it life bouy is herbal shampoo its good for ur hair it makes ur hair thiker and growing fast thats why u should use it and pentene also has too muc alcohal u also do not use it garnier fructis its goood for ur hair i shouldn,t say gooood but its just better

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Q: Is Sodium good or bad for hair?
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Is sodium good or bad for you?

good but bad if too much is eaten

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it is good for it to be in your hair

What natural things are good for your hair?

Well shampoo is not you thinks so. But water is because it natural not like shampoo. Shampoo is bad for your hair because the ingredients are (water,sodium,and bad things in it . You know why you think shampoo cleans your hair?It is because you want it clean and smell good. That is wrong it is mostly made of used things. Did you know that? Sodium is a bad bad thing for your hair it can damage it it is not natural but water is you can use soap in your hair like hair soap.If you take a lot of showers you may be fresh. Follow these rules and take care of your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are highlights good for your hair?

no, they are really bad the bleech is really bad for your hair!

Is ranch dressing good for hair?

No it is not

Is it good to wash your hair in the morning?

There is no "good" or "bad" time to wash your hair.

What is good and bad effect of hair spray of human?

good effect: keeps hair in place bad effect: chemicals that are in it

Is everyday swimming bad or good?

It is both good and bad. It is very good exercise. It can be bad for your hair and skin.

What are the good and bad about dying your hair red?

The good things about this is that you will have bright eye catching hair. The bad things are that its not really a natural colour. Also, depending on the hair type and colour you already have, this could be bad for your hair.

What does low sodium mean in blood work?

It means that your body doesnt have much sodium in it. this can be good and bad check with your doctor.

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no it's good.