Is SO3 bad to your health?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, when it dissolves in water (which is present in human lung tissues) it turns into Sulfuric acid. Which is corrosive and destroys tissues.

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Q: Is SO3 bad to your health?
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What is the correct chemical formula for sulfur trioxide?

The correct chemical formula for sulfur trioxide is SO3.

What is the formula for sulfuric trioxide?

Formula: SO3

What is no2 so2 and so3?

NO2, SO2, and SO3 are chemical compounds. NO2 is nitrogen dioxide, a reddish-brown gas responsible for smog and acid rain. SO2 is sulfur dioxide, a pungent gas produced by burning fossil fuels that can cause respiratory issues and contribute to acid rain. SO3 is sulfur trioxide, a reactive compound that plays a role in forming sulfuric acid in the atmosphere.

What is the formula of Aluminum sulfite?

Al+3 SO3+2 <---- these are the ions and their charges Al+3 Al+3 SO3+2 SO3+2 SO3+2 <---- the charges have to add up to zero, so two +3 aluminum ions cancel out three +2 sulfite ions. Al2(SO3)3 <--- simplify

What is the best name for this formula SO3?

SO3 is sulfur trioxide.

What is formula for chromium VI sulfite?

Cr+6 SO3-2 ------> these are the ions and their chargesCr+6 SO3-2 SO3-2 SO3-2 ----> the charges have to add up to zero, so three +2 sulfite ions cancels out one +6 Cr ion.Cr(SO3)3 ----> simplify

What will be the element of SO3?

SO3 is the sulfate radical; it contains sulfur and oxygen.

H20 plus so3?

Combining water (H2O) with sulfur trioxide (SO3) would produce sulfuric acid (H2SO4) according to the chemical reaction: H2O + SO3 → H2SO4. Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid commonly used in various industries for its corrosive properties and as a chemical reagent.

How many bonding pairs does SO3 have?

SO3 has 3 bonding pairs.

Does SO3 have tetrahedral geometry?

No, SO3 does not have tetrahedral geometry. It has trigonal planar geometry, with a bond angle of approximately 120 degrees.

What compound is Al2 SO3?

Aluminum sulfite is the compound with the formula Al2(SO3)3.

What molecules or ions has a trigonal planar?

Examples are BF3, SO3 and COCL2.