Is PIP car insurance available in Florida?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, PIP or personal injury protection is available everywhere through your auto insurance carrier. Most people opt for $1000-2000 in coverage.

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Q: Is PIP car insurance available in Florida?
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Is PIP car insurance required in Florida?

PIP is Personal Insurance Protection and is required in the state of Florida to people who register a car in Florida. This falls under the No Fault law in Florida.

Is it against the law in Florida to have pip insurance?

No, i live in Florida and we have a car club.. me, including all of my friends have it

How can I get a list of the types of car insurance in Florida?

You can get a list of all the types of car insurance available in Florida on On this site you will be able find all the car insurance companies available and get quotes.

What are some car insurance providers in Florida?

You can go to On this website, you will be able to get a list of the Florida car insurance providers which are available.

You were hit on my moped by a car can you claim pip insurance on her insurance?

No, PIP is only for the occupants of the vehicle.

Where can I buy New Jersey Pip car insurance?

You can purchase New Jersey pip car insurance at Triple A car insurance. You can also check out other companies such as Farmer's insurance or Geico as well.

Where can one receive PIP insurance?

PIP insurance is an extension of car insurance available in some US states, it covers medical expenses and in some cases, most wages and other damages. One can get it from insurance companies that offer it. One such company is Allstate Insurance.

What does PIP mean in regard to car insurance?

medical insurance

What is the minimum car insurance requirement in Florida?

The state of Florida requires a bare minimum coverage which is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP). Also the State of Florida requires that Florida Car Owners have coverage for $10,000 property damage liability (PDL).

How can I get cheap car insurance in Florida.?

Car insurance in Florida can get expensive however there are discounts available for good drivers. Working with a national company may be the best way to get the best deal on car insurance. You can also get liability only insurance, which is usually cheaper.

Which companies in Pennsylvania offer PIP car insurance?

their are many companies which offer pip car insurance you can even get it insured online for detailed information try this :

Can you carry only pip insurance only on older cars with a low value instead of full coverage in FL.?

The required coverage in Florida is Liability (10/20/10) and PIP for any car