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They are cousins.

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Q: Is Niel diamond related to pink?
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Who has the most diamond records in the music business?


Who is Niel Diamond?

Neil Leslie Diamond was on born January 24, 1941 and is a famous American singer-songwriter.

How much does a pink diamond weigh?

A pink diamond's weight depends on its size: a pink diamond is weighed according to the standard weight criteria for any diamond.

What does a pink diamond tattoo mean?

a pink diamond tattoo mean love.

What is the pink diamond called?

The most notable pink diamond is the largest pink: the Darya-ye-Noor. You can read more about it, below.

What is pink diamonds used for?

A pink diamond is a fancy-coloured diamond, generally used for adornment in jewelery.

How much is a pink diamond worth?

A half carat average clarity pink diamond can cost as much as 5,000 dollars. Pink diamond worth is dependent on size, cut and clarity.

What color is a pink diamond?

As the name suggest, they are actually pink.

Where can pink diamond earrings be purchased?

Pink diamond earrings can be found at Zales, Reeds Jewelers, Meijer, Macy's, Tilly's, and Gordan Jewelers. Online, pink diamond earrings can be found on Overstock,OverstockJeweler, and itshot.

Where does 'The Pink Panther' live?

'The Pink Panther' is actually purported to be an extremely large and rare pink diamond. Current human understanding of the laws of physics does not yet recognize gems, minerals, stones, or rocks as living creatures.The confusion of Inspector Clouseau with the diamond is understandable, and is fully explained in the related link posted below. Enjoy!

What are the Pink Panther's hobbies?

In the movies , the Pink Panther was a diamond. No hobbies.

Why is the title pink panther appropriate?

Was the diamond called the Pink Panther?