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Q: Is Moxie the drink healthy for you?
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What is the state drink for Maine?


What is Maine's state beverage?

Moxie - official state soft drink 2005

What does the surname moxie mean?

It's a soft drink.

What is Maine's state drink?

The Official State Beverage is Moxie a carbonated beverage that began life as a patent medicine about 1876.

Why did they call Moxie soda 'Moxie?

Moxie was created by Dr. Augustin Thompson in 1876. He claimed that the Moxie Nerve Food, as it was called then, was made with a rare plant discovered by his friend, a Lieutenant Moxie.

What animals milk not healthy to drink?

goat because itis not healthy to drink

Which is the most healthy energy drink?

EMV is the most healthy energy drink.

Where can you get Moxie Girls More To Me dolls?

You can get moxie girls from Toys'R'Us.

What rhymes with moxie?

Boxy and foxy rhyme well with moxie.

Do moxie girlz fit in the moxie girlz cars?


When was Moxie Divis born?

Moxie Divis was born in 1894.

When did Moxie Divis die?

Moxie Divis died in 1955.