Is Medusa good or bad

Updated: 9/18/2023
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BAD! She turned people into stone once you looked in her eyes.

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I wouldn't say she is completely bad since people turned against her and forced her anger into actions which weren't good, however she isn't good either since she didn't control her anger and leashed out.

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Q: Is Medusa good or bad
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Is getting a Medusa tattoo bad luck?

I wouldn't say so because my ant's best friend has a Medusa on her, and she has a lot of good luck. So my answer is no.

Is medusa from soul eater good or bad?

Medusa-sama is very, very evil. She abused her son (or daughter) Chrona and tries to create another kishin

Was medusa a good person before she become a bad person?

yes hetr father tired her bad than she said no to her fattener

What good things did Medusa do?

There are many good things about Medusa. For example __________. Also, __________. This is why Medusa is a good person.

Does Medusa's have a relationship with another god est?

yes medusa had a good relationship with perseus.

How did Perseus turn Atlas to stone?

He took the head of Medusa out of his bad. Anyone you looks at Medusa's face gets turned to stone.

Who are medusas children?

medusa's child was pegasus. pegasus came out of medusa's body when medusa's head got cut off. unlike medusa, pegasus was a very good god.

Why Medusa be a bad woman?

She turns people to stone. Not exactly kind!

What is an upside down bowl shaped cnidarian?

You have described body plan of a medusa...... and a jellyfish is a good example of a medusa.

Is Medusa good god or a bad god?

Madusa wasn't a god posidon tried to rape her and she went to the temple of Athena for help but athena felt disgraced and turned her to a monster

What was Medusa's place of power?

Originally, she was a daughter of Apherdite, but did something bad, and Athena turned her into... Her...

Does Medusa bring good or evil to humans?

Only evil.