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Q: Is Matt Bennett really a ventrilloquist?
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Are Victoria and Matt Bennett dating?

I don't really know if they are or not.Could you guys tell us?:D

Is Matt Bennett a Christian?

No he is not

Are Matt bennett and Lauren bennett related?

Heck yeah Lauren Bennett is his mom

Who play robbie in victorious?

Robbie Shapiro is played by MATT BENNETT

Is Matt bennett brother of Victoria Justice?

No because they have different last names Matt Bennett and Victoria justice due

Who plays Robbie on Victorious?

Matt Bennett plays the role of Robbie Shapiro in Victorious.

Who Is robbie sharpio?

matt bennett!! :p

What is victorious robbies ral name?

Matt Bennett

What is Matt bennett doing?

being awesome :D

Who is Matt Bennett currently dating?

He is currently single.

What color is Matt bennett eyes?

light brown

What is Matt Bennett's middle name?