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Yes, but it is only for the ambassadors.

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Q: Is Kirby and the Amazing Mirror on 3DS?
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When did Kirby and the amazing mirror come out?

In 2004.

How many color varyations does Kirby have?

14 in Kirby and the amazing mirror, and 19 in Kirby squeak squad

Where can you get the game Kirby the amazing mirror?

At a used games store.

Where can I play Kirby and the Amazing Mirror game online for free?

I'm afraid you can't, as Nintendo still owns full copyright of that particular game. However, it is still available in stores for the game boy advance.but you can play it in Vizzed Board just seach Kirby & the amazing mirror game online and you can find it just findVizzed Board - Play Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Online Game Boy ... and click it and then u can find it

How do you you get cherry spray paint in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror?

Couldn't find it.

How do you play Kirby the amazing mirror on visualboyadvanced with hamachi?

not play this game

How do you call in Kirby and the amazing mirror?

You have to press the "R" button to call.

How do you answer call in Kirby and the amazing mirror?

You buy the phone which is 30 dollar and answer the call

Who has been in every Kirby game?

Kirby,waddle dee and meta knight. King dedede apeared in all kirby games except kirby and the amazing mirror

What is shadow Kirby in Kirby 64?

There was no Shadow Kirby in Kirby 64. The Shadow Kirby appearances are: Kirby and The Amazing Mirror: Shadow Kirby was an enemy. Kirby Squeak Squad: Kirby could spray-paint himself to look like Shadow Kirby.

Will there ever be a sequel to Kirby and the amazing mirror?

I don't think there will be. Most Kirby games are new stories instead of sequels to previous games.

How do you play Kirby and the amazing mirror on the wii?

You can emulate it by using the VBAGX emulator on the homebrew channel.