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You will have to call the insurance company in order to find out if the policy is in force. You will also have to be the owner of the policy or the administrator or executor of the estate of the insured to find out. Otherwise it is against the privacy laws for you to inquire about another persons financial affairs.

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Q: Is Kentucky life insurance company policy still valid?
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Are your insurance policy active?

You would need to contact your insurance company and ask them if your policy is still active.

Do you make an insurance payment if your car is totaled?

You should check with your insurance company. If you still have a policy open for the car the premium is still due. But I'm not sure why you'd have a policy if the insurance company said the car was totalled

Is the home life insurance company of America still in business?

I found an old insurance policy with this company. The insured is Judith A Kneeshaw which is me. Policy # L 5006603. Is it still in effect. Thank you, Judy

How can you find out if a group policy is still in effect?

Phone the insurance company.

If you were fired for a violation of company policy can you still collect unemployment insurance in New York?

if you were fired for a company policy can you still collect unemployment in new jersey?

How can you verify if an old life insurance policy is still validw?

You can verify the validity of an old life insurance policy by contacting the insurance company directly. Provide them with the policy details, and they will be able to confirm the status of the policy and any benefits associated with it. It's important to have the policy number and other relevant information ready when reaching out to the insurance company.

Is a 1946 life policy still valid?

It's possible that a life insurance policy from 1946 is still valid, but you should contact the insurance company to verify the policy's status. Insurance policies can vary in terms of their conditions and expiration dates.

Does insurance company owe money to family members in 2010 if policy holder purchased policy in 1953?

If the policy was still in force and the insured has died, then yes, the insurance company would owe the death benefit. If the policy was cancelled or surrendered, the company would not owe anything.

What is the least hours a person can work and still receive company insurance?

That depends on the employer and the employer's insurance policy.

How do you find out if old policy valid through the national life and accident insurance company?

I have an old insurance policy dating back to 1948 is it still good

Is The Knights Life Insurance Company of America still a valid life insurance company?

I found an old Knights Life policy-is it worth anything?

If you do not renew your policy with a certain insurance company can they still charge you?

The insurance company cannot charge you once your policy is over. However, you may get charges for overdue payments, or if you signed up for automatic renewal.